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What we do

Meetings Of Abertawe Centre National Trust are normally held at St Paul's Sketty Parish Centre, De La Beche Road, Sketty, Swansea, on the fourth Wednesday of the month between October and April at 7.30 p.m. (except for December when time and date may be modified)

A number of excursions occur throughout the summer months and a holiday in early autumn.

Further details of the current programme, set out below, may be obtained from the Secretary.

To book places on the holiday or day trips contact Michael Simpson Tel 01792404345 or Email  

We hold an annual Spring lunch and Autumn Lunch at a local venue.

Some of our members provide volunteer help at Pennard Car Park through the summer and also work as stewards at Dinefwr.

Recent Events

The 45th Annual General Meeting was held at St Paul's Parish Centre Sketty on 28 February 2018. The Chairman Mr Michael Simpson was in the chair

In his report the Chairman summarised the year's activities and concluded by thanking the members of the Committee for their support and advice.

Treasurer’s Report: Mr. Knight circulated his report and a copy would be attached to the official minutes. He confirmed that the accounts showed a surplus from which a donation in excess of £2000 had been made to a National Trust project. The accounts were approved unanimously.

The accounts were reviewed by Mr Owen and it was agreed that he should be invited to continue in this role..

The Area Property Manager was unable to attend the meeting.

The Officers and Committee will be: Chairman: Mr Michael Simpson.
Vice-Chairman: Mrs. Barbara Davies.
Treasurer and Membership Secretary: Mr. Roger Knight.
Annual Holiday Organiser: Mr Michael Simpson.
Secretary: Mrs. Anne Bennett.
Speakers Secretary: Ms Anne Thomas.
Committee Members:
Prof. Muriel Chamberlain.
Mrs. Ann Jackson.
Mr. William Bennett.
Ms. Ann Thomas Speaker secretary.
Mr. Ken Owens (Functions organiser).
Mrs. Shirley Thomas.
Dr Bruce Lervy (Webmaster)
Ms Hazel Harrison

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm

Due to the inclement weather (a red alert having been issued by the Meteorological Office for heavy snow) it was decided to postpone the quiz.

Recent meetings have included the history of Middleton Hall and also an illustrated talk on Tudor Art in Wales.

In July an Abertawe Centre National Trust day trip to Picton Gardens and Castle. A cooler day than during the recent heatwave but still dry. The day was enjoyed by approximately 40 members.

A five-day summer holiday was organised to South East England.

The Annual Holiday visited Cambridgeshire and Kent.

27/Feb/2019AGM and quiz
27/Mar/2019illustrated Talk
24/Apr/2019illustrated Talk
15/May/2019Spring Lunch
04/Jun/2019Day outing
16/Jul/2019Day outing
14/Aug/2019Day outing
09/Sep/2019Annual holiday

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